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Child Custody

Child custody disputes are invariably challenging and often place children in the middle of a nasty divorce proceeding. Washington state judges generally prefer joint custody arrangements but also consider the wishes of the child when establishing a parenting plan.

The Best Interests Of Your Child

According to state law, Washington judges must weigh the best interests of your child above all other custody considerations. Even if you and your soon-to-be former spouse agree to a specific parenting plan, it must be approved by a Washington judge before it can become legally binding.

When evaluating the best interests of your child, a judge will consider her or his relationship with each parent, whether or not the child requires special assistance and/or treatment and which parent can best support the child financially.

Protecting Your Child’s Future

Child custody arrangements are incredibly important because they have the potential to shape your child’s future for years to come. Decisions regarding her or his education, medical care and religious upbringing will be greatly influenced by the parenting plan issued by a Washington judge. Don’t stand pat while a member of the judiciary renders what will almost certainly be a life-changing decision. Protect your child by consulting a compassionate family law attorney now.