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Child Support

In the state of Washington, a court has the right to order one or both parents to provide financial support to their child. More often than not, however, it’s the parent who spends less time with their child (i.e. the noncustodial parent) who actually pays support. While there are situations in which the custodial parent may be forced to pay child support, Washington judges generally assume that this parent already spends a sufficient amount of support on the child.

Can You Do That Math For Me?

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Your judge will figure out how much each party makes each year, add the numbers together and determine an amount of support based on the Washington State Support Schedule. It’s worth remembering that this amount is called the “basic support obligation.”

A judge’s primary obligation is to ensure that your child receives an amount of support that is sufficient to meet her or his needs. A judge will also want to see that the custodial parent is meeting her or his basic responsibilities as the child’s primary caregiver, and that the noncustodial parent is making her or his payments on time.

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