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As an active member of the Spokane community for nearly four decades, attorney Stanley A. Kempner Jr. understands the unique needs of his clients and works hard to help them achieve successful outcomes. Mr. Kempner is committed to offering trusted and effective legal guidance to every client so that they can enjoy a brighter future. Whether your legal issue pertains to family law or employment law, you can trust that Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law will do what it takes to help you secure a peaceful and equitable resolution.

Employment Law

Employment issues have the potential to drastically affect the trajectory of your life. Having represented Spokane clients since 1987, Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law can help you overcome the challenges associated with workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, unemployment benefits, wrongful termination and other employment disputes. Call now to learn more.

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Family Law

Disputes that impact your home and family life can be especially emotional and challenging to navigate. Whether your case involves divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity or grandparents’ rights, Stanley A. Kempner Jr. will work with you to address your concerns and help you achieve your goals.

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Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law provides trusted and effective legal guidance to individuals and families throughout Spokane County. If you are currently struggling with an issue related to family or employment law, call 509-590-4563 today.